Suns’ Bol Bol has vulgar response to ref after his questionable foul on Victor Wembanyama

Bol Bol had enough of the Victor Wembanyama hype.

The talented 7-foot-3 big man and his Suns were facing the Spurs on Saturday, and in the game, Bol was matched up with the 7-foot-4 Rookie of the Year candidate when he was called for a ticky-tack foul on defense.

Bol disagreed with the foul drawn by Wembanyama and called out the referees for favoritism.

“Y’all d–k-riding bro,” Bol said toward the referees, suggesting that Wembanyama was officiated in a favorable manner and adding, “I get it.”

Victor Wembanyama is guarded by Bol Bol during the Phoenix Suns’ 131-106 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday, March 23. AP

The announcers didn’t acknowledge what Bol said, of course, but did chuckle on the broadcast.

Ironically, Shaquille O’Neal has brought up Bol’s name when discussing Wembanyama.

O’Neal has previously said that Bol could be as good as the French Phenom affectionately called “Wemby” but implied that he isn’t due to laziness.

“So Wemby comes one day, dribbles, shoots a three and Reggie [Miller] is going off,” he said on an episode of “The Big Podcast in October.” “I’m like, Reggie, calm down. He’s not the first. It was a great move, but your vocal tonality is way too high. Bol Bol was the first to do it.”

O’Neal added, “I hate when you put out statements and these earthlings [say], ‘Oh, Shaq’s comparing Bol Bol to Wemby.’ I’m not comparing, but after going back, I am comparing.”

He continued, to say that Wembanyama comparatively “wants it more.”

“Bol Bol can do everything Wemby can do and even a little better,” O’Neal said. “He’s just lazy. So I stand by my statement that Bol Bol was the first seven-foot-five guy to have those skills. And you know whenever I open my mouth, I always try to open my mouth up with facts. Again, I’m not saying Bol Bol is better, just saying he was the first seven-foot-five guy to do that with style. I just think, you know, Wemby wants it a little more.”

Bol Bol is averaging 5.8 points and 3.4 rebounds per game this season. AP

Wembanyama, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, could win Rookie of the Year despite starring on the lowly Spurs, who are 15-56 and have the worst record in the Western Conference.

On Saturday, though, Bol netted 13 points off the bench, matching Wembanyama’s total as Phoenix thwarted the Spurs, 131-106.

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