Anne Hathaway shoots down critics who say she has no sex appeal: ‘I’m a Scorpio’

The star of “The Devil Wears Prada” insists she’s no angel. 

In a deeply personal interview with Vanity Fair, Anne Hathaway shot back at critics from early on in her career who said she had no sex appeal. 

“I was like, ‘I’m a Scorpio’,” Hathaway, 41, said. “‘I know what I’m like on a Saturday night.’”

Anne Hathaway told Vanity Fair: “I know what I’m like on a Saturday night.” Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair

She reckons their opinion of her was rooted in society’s narrower definition of sexiness during her twenties. 

“The male gaze was very dominant and very pervasive and very juvenile,” Hathaway said.

The actress will soon star in “The Idea of You,” a romantic comedy about a 40-year-old divorcée who starts dating a younger, famous, British boybander (Nicholas Galitzine, 29). 

Based on Robinne Lee’s popular novel, there are steamy scenes galore in the film that hits Prime Video on May 2.

“I feel ready to be a sexual creature out loud,” Hathaway told the mag of the movie. “It’s not like one healthy, consensual female orgasm (OK, multiple) is going to change the world… but I’m really happy to be part of a story that takes pleasure in female pleasure.”

The Oscar winner said that her 25-year career has not always been so enjoyable. 

The “Interstellar” actress said in the early 2010s, she wasn’t being offered roles because of her “toxic” identity online. Norman Jean Roy/Vanity Fair

Around the time Hathaway co-hosted the 2011 Academy Awards with James Franco — a stint that was eviscerated on social media — and won the Oscar for best supporting actress for playing Fantine in 2013’s “Les Miserables,” her work took a major hit. 

“A lot of people wouldn’t give me roles because they were so concerned about how toxic my identity had become online,” Hathaway said, adding that she rebounded with 2014’s “Interstellar.” 

“I had an angel in Christopher Nolan, who did not care about that and gave me one of the most beautiful roles I’ve had in one of the best films that I’ve been a part of.”

She added of Nolan, who also directed her in “The Dark Knight Rises”: “My career did not lose momentum the way it could have if he hadn’t backed me.”

Hathaway says that if a person doesn’t want to open themselves up to humiliation, “don’t be an actor.” Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Hathaway admits worldwide negative attention is a challenge to endure — but doesn’t let it stop her from doing her job.

“Humiliation is such a rough thing to go through,” she said. “The key is to not let it close you down. You have to stay bold, and it can be hard because you’re like, ‘If I stay safe, if I hug the middle, if I don’t draw too much attention to myself, it won’t hurt.’

“But if you want to do that, don’t be an actor.”

Vanity Fair also had Hathaway look back on her role of Runway assistant Andy Sachs in “The Devil Wears Prada” — because the actress hadn’t watched it in a while.

“Just so you understand, all of you have seen this movie way more recently than I have,” she said. “It’s been, if not over a decade, maybe two decades since I’ve seen this movie.”

As scenes played, Hathaway recalled, “I was there the first time Meryl [Streep] walked into that set, and I saw the way she respected the work of our production designer, but also crafted it into something more the way she saw the character.

“I was just such a sponge around her, I just wanted to absorb everything.”

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