Conor McGregor enjoyed throwing Jake Gyllenhaal over a bar in their new movie

UFC champ Conor McGregor could get used to Hollywood.

The fighter — who made his film debut in the new “Road House” movie — told us he had a blast in Tinseltown. “I [got to] throw [co-star] Jake Gyllenhaal over the bar,” McGregor told Page Six, “so that was pretty fun. I loved it.”

“We had a great rapport,” the Irishman added, “He was very patient with me; very helpful.”

“He took one or two wallops, but he gave back as well, so we had a good one while filming,” he told us at the premiere at Jazz Lincoln. 

Meanwhile, the Dublin native told us that, when he wasn’t throwing the movie’s star around the room, he was struck by Gyllenhaal’s appearance. “He’s a good-looking lad,” McGregor said. “He melts you with the eyes.” He added, “The whole cast is beautiful. Beautiful scenery, beautiful action scenes. It was a great one.”

The original 1989 “Road House” starred Patrick Swayze.

McGregor says Jake Gyllenhaal was “patient” with him on set. Getty Images

The Dublin made his movie debut in the project. AP

They appear opposite each other in “Road House.” AP

McGregor wore a flashy outfit for the premiere. Todd Williamson/Shutterstock

McGregor told us he wore a somewhat flashy outfit for the premiere, including a “Godfather”-themed watch from Jacob & Co.

“There’s Marlo Brando sitting in the center and when you click the button, it plays the ‘Godfather’ theme,” he told us.

The mixed martial artist say that “Road House” is a great escape for everyone to watch. James Veysey/Shutterstock

“Road House” is currently on Amazon Prime Video.

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