Dan Patrick fuels ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ rumors with Adam Sandler message

It continues to appear as though a “Happy Gilmore” sequel is a go.

Last week, actor Christopher McDonald, who played the villainous Shooter McGavin in the original film, went on 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland and revealed that Adam Sandler had shown him a rough draft of the script for the sequel.

Legendary sportscaster Dan Patrick, who has become a fixture in Sandler’s films and has appeared in more than 10 of them, followed up on the scoop on his eponymous show on Monday.

Dan Patrick has been in more than 10 Adam Sandler movies. I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Christopher McDonald (left) revealed that a ‘Happy Gilmore’ sequel is in the works in an interview on 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland. ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

Patrick said he texted Sandler jokingly that he was trying to finalize his schedule for the upcoming year and was wondering how much time he needed to “take off” for the “Happy Gilmore” sequel.

“A few days. But I’ll let you know when there’s a script. Still figuring a lot out,” Sandler responded.

Patrick answered that he was just kidding, to which Sandler responded, “You’re in it, bro. You play you.”

Dan Patrick and Adam Sandler in ‘That’s My Boy’. That’s My Boy

Patrick acknowledged that this was not necessarily the ideal role because Sandler “knows that I don’t like playing me in a movie — I’ve kind of mastered that. I like playing the villain or a love interest.”

Patrick did play himself in “The Waterboy,” reading a highlights segment on Sandler’s Bobby Boucher character, and has since played other roles in Sandler’s films, ranging from a police officer to a high school principal.

He explained to The Post last year that he originally got into the Sandler circle of trust because his former “SportsCenter” partner Keith Olbermann snubbed Sandler on the role that had been written for him in “Happy Gilmore.”

“Well, the next time you need someone from ESPN, I’m your guy,” Patrick recalled telling Sandler during an interaction at a Knicks game.

“You’re in my next movie,” Sandler responded. “You’re Danny McF–king Patrick, and you’re gonna wear a mustache and be a police officer.”

Twenty-five years later, Sandler is still making promises to Patrick that there’s a spot for him in the next movie.

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