Hero teen cloak-room attendant leads more than 100 people to safety in Moscow terror attack: ‘I didn’t leave anyone behind’

A heroic 15-year-old boy saved more than 100 people when he quickly led them away from the terror attack that claimed at least 133 lives at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, harrowing video shows.

Islam Khalilov, who works part-time as a cloakroom attendant at the venue that was besieged by Islamic State gunmen Friday, is seen in a new viral video guiding panicked Picnic rock-band concert-goers to safety.

“That way, that way, that way!” Khalilov can be heard shouting as he leads scores of people down a hallway to an emergency exit.  “Everybody go that way! Everybody over there! To the Expo, to the Expo!”

Islam Khalilov, 15, was working in the cloakroom at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall when he helped more than 100 concert-goers evacuate. Zvezda News/east2west news

The teen could be heard shouting directions to a panicked crowd to head for the emergency exit. Social media/east2west news

The teen told the Russian-owned news agency Ruptly that he was working when he saw crowds of people fleeing for the stairs and escalators, alerting him that some kind of attack was happening inside Crocus City Hall.

Khalilov said his “instincts kicked in,” with the teen warning attendees in the foyer to flee as he led them to an emergency exit.

“I showed them where to go and helped everyone I could,” the teen said, confirming that he was the last person from the group to exit the building.

“I didn’t leave anyone behind,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t consider myself a hero. It was just part of my job. Better to sacrifice yourself than let a hundred people die.”

Scores of attendees followed the 15-year-old boy’s directions to safety. Social media/east2west news

Khalilov said he is still shocked by what happened. Social media/east2west news

The young man said both he and his mother are still stunned over the incident, revealing that a man was shot in front of him and that he was afraid he and the others would be blown up or gunned down by the terrorists.

“Mom was shocked and cried because I had to go through all this,” he told the Daily Mail. “That all this happened before my eyes. To be honest, I’m still in a state of shock. A man was shot right in front of me, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

The heroic teen is expected to receive honors from Russian law enforcement and Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, the spiritual leader of Russian Muslims. The teen is Muslim.

Crocus City Hall descended into chaos when Islamic State gunmen attacked last week. Social media/east2west news

Attendees ran for the stairs, elevators and emergency exits during Friday’s attack. Social media/east2west news

The teen, an avid soccer fan, was also invited to meet with the member of his favorite sports club, the FC Spartak Moscow, who presented him with free passes to its games.

Moscow confirmed Saturday that a total of 11 people have been detained over the terror attack, with the Islamic State group’s affiliate in Afghanistan claiming responsibility.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the massacre as a “bloody, barbaric terrorist act,” as he declared Sunday a day of mourning in Russia.

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