Jennifer Lopez shows off her go-to strength exercises for a shredded figure

Jennifer Lopez is showing her fans how to “Get Right.”

The singer shared an Instagram video Sunday of herself completing some of her go-to strength exercises that have led to her shredded physique.

Wearing a two-piece Aim’n shaping set in pink, Lopez warms up with a series of lunge stretches before diving into her weight-training circuit, which includes shoulder raises, squats, bicep curls and more using dumbbells.

She warms up with a series of stretches before diving into a circuit. jlo/Instagram

She used dumbbells to complete some squats and push presses. jlo/Instagram

She also used the dumbbells when completing split squats. jlo/Instagram

The “Shotgun Wedding” star, 54, then hits the ground to complete a series of core exercises on a mat.

“Daily dose of wellness…Happy Sunday everyone,” she captioned the post.

It appears the video was filmed in the backyard of her and Ben Affleck’s $60 million Beverly Hills, Calif., estate, which they purchased over the summer.

Toward the end, she hit the ground to do some core work. jlo/Instagram

It appears the video was filmed in the backyard of her and Ben Affleck’s $60 million estate. jlo/Instagram

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The yard features a trampoline for their combined five children as well as stone benches and sculptures.

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Lopez’s fitness fanaticism has been well-documented, and the multihyphenate went so far as to abandon carbohydrates and sugar entirely while filming 2019’s “Hustlers.”

“You feel like you’re in an alternate reality or universe, like you’re addicted and you think about it all the time,” she said of bread-themed daydreams, but admitted that by the time the 10 days were up, her cravings had somewhat dissipated.

The “Let’s Get Loud” singer always has been known for her fitness fanaticism. Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

She ditched carbs and sugar entirely while filming 2019’s “Hustlers.” Instagram/isabelalysa

“When you go back to the sugar you don’t want it as much, it’s something you get used to a little bit,” she said.

“It takes down the inflammation and you feel smaller and less swollen than you get addicted to that feeling too.”

Lopez since has eased up on the diet, as she and the “Argo” star, 51, have been spotted chowing down on McDonald’s on multiple occasions.

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