Kate Abdo snaps at Jamie Carragher on-air after he suggested she wasn’t ‘loyal’ to boyfriend

Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher sparked one of the most cringeworthy moments during CBS Sports’ UEFA Champions League coverage on Tuesday.

Carragher, a pundit for the network, raised eyebrows when he appeared to jokingly suggest that host Kate Abdo wasn’t faithful to her partner Malik Scott, a boxing trainer, live on-air after Arsenal’s victory over Porto.

The awkward exchange took place at the end of the show at Emirates Stadium, when Carragher, who wore an Arsenal shirt, suggested Abdo and co-host, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, wear it.

Kate Abdo on the CBS broadcast during its coverage of Arsenal against Porto in the Champions League on March 12, 2024. X

“I’m loyal,” the 42-year-old Abdo said, to which Carragher responded with: “To who?”

Abdo — who appeared caught off guard, along with co-host and former player Micah Richards — said, “Manchester United, thank you very much.”

Carragher then said, “Not to Malik” before laughing.

Jamie Carragher on the CBS broadcast during its coverage of Arsenal against Porto in the Champions League on March 12, 2024. X

Richards looked down at the ground, which took some by surprise as he usually engages in the group’s banter.

“What… how would you even say that?” Abdo said.

Carragher then laughed while Abdo smirked and looked away.

Kate Abdo and Malik Scott. Instagram/Malik Scott

On Wednesday, Abdo called out Carragher in her opening monologue on their CBS Sports show, and explained that they need to stick together.

“You know what, this group has been together now for three-and-a-half years is it, I think, and I grew up with a brother and on this show I feel like I’ve gained three more here at the desk,” the British broadcaster said before introducing the analysts.

“Let me introduce you to the group again… Then there is the middle child, Jamie Carragher. A chip on his shoulder, capable of saying anything for attention. 

“Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologize? Yes, he does. But all of us have that one annoying family member that we still love and accept.”

Abdo said Henry “can do no wrong” and “always says the right thing,” while she described Richards as being  “loud but loveable” among other compliments.

“You know what? Like a good family we stick together,” Abdo said. “So here we are, another day and another show. Good to be with you all.”

CBS Sports Golazo, which often posts comical clips of on-air moments between the cast, shared a video of Abdo’s monologue with the caption: “Another HIT @kate_abdo intro.”

Scott, who has yet to address Carragher’s comments, shared a photo of the couple hugging, with him kissing the side of Abdo’s face on his Instagram Story Thursday.

It’s unclear when Abdo and Scott got together, as the couple is fairly private about their relationship.

Abdo has shared videos of him training her in boxing.

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