Kate Beckinsale unveils new tattoo dedicated to late stepfather amid health scare

Kate Beckinsale has fresh ink.

The “Jolt” actress, 50, took to Instagram over the weekend to share a new tattoo on her arm dedicated to her late stepfather, Roy Battersby, who died in January.

The design, which was done by West Hollywood tattoo artist Endry Stymest, features a handwritten message addressed to “My KB” next to a sketch of a bird and signed by Roy.

Kate Beckinsale took to her Instagram story over the weekend to share her new armpiece. katebeckinsale/Instagram

The tattoo appears to be a handwritten message from her late stepfather, who died in January 2024. katebeckinsale/Instagram

The actress, 50, shared on March 11 that she had been hospitalized. Instagram/@katebeckinsale

Beckinsale has yet to reveal what she has been hospitalized for. Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

While she didn’t go into detail about the note’s content or the significance of the peacock design, the post comes just six days after the star remembered her late father, Richard Beckinsale, who passed away when she was just five years old, on the anniversary of his death.

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“Oh.the day you died comes round so suddenly even when I’m expecting it . This is my first year without any father figure at all for a long long time,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

She concluded, “How I miss you . How familiar this falling through an abyss . How horribly like home falling with no one to catch you feels . I hope your energies have met. I’m so grateful to have had your love . I feel it , like an echo. X”

Beckinsale took to Instagram in January to commemorate the loss of her step-father, Roy Battersby, katebeckinsale/Instagram

She shared that he had passed after a ‘brief illness,’ writing ‘I have no words yet’ in the post. katebeckinsale/Instagram

Beckinsale has gotten memorial tattoos on multiple occasions. Instagram/katebeckinsale

The actress took to Instagram in August 2023 to share an arm piece of her late cat’s face surrounded by stars. KATE BECKINSALE/INSTAGRAM

It’s also an emotional time for the “Serendipity” actress, who revealed she was hospitalized on March 11 and has yet to disclose what ailment she is battling, though she posted tearful photos from her hospital bed.

The mom of one is no stranger to tattoos; she also recently got a portrait of her late cat, Clive, inked on the same arm last year after the feline passed away in June.

She shared an image of the tribute piece on Instagram in August, writing “This has really helped” in the caption.

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