Larry David absolutely despises March Madness brackets

Larry David won’t be filling out a bracket this year or watching much of the NCAA Tournament. 

In fact, the funnyman isn’t that big of a fan of filling out a bracket.

The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star and co-creator of “Seinfeld” is shocked anyone else has that much time to keep track of these teams, something he expressed during a hilarious interview on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Thursday. 

Drake Bulldogs forward Patrick Bath (9) warms up during the NCAA first round practice session at CHI Health Center Omaha. Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

“You know what, can I make an admission here?” David started out by saying when Eisen broached the topic. “This tournament — how much can I follow in sports? I’m supposed to know who’s on Drake? I mean, this is crazy — crazy. Valparaiso? I know names on Valparaiso? This is insane. I don’t know anything. Maybe I’ll watch the semifinal, but that’s it. What can I do? I’ve got the Rangers, I’ve got the Knicks; I can’t follow all these teams. How do people do it? How do they do it?”

He then jokingly added: “Who are they married to?”

But the hilarity didn’t stop there.

This year’s March madness had a little “Seinfeld” flare thanks to Long Beach State firing head coach Dan Monson to “inspire” players before being knocked out of the tournament on Thursday by Arizona. 


Eisen compared coaching Long Beach State in the NCAA Tournament after his termination by the school’s athletic director to a real-life “Seinfeld” episode. 

It took a few moments for David to fully comprehend the situation, and he compared it to the time that David quit SNL and tried to go back the next day like nothing ever happened. 

“I quit,” David explained. “And then I came back on Monday morning and pretended it never happened. That was my neighbor Kramer’s [idea], the real Kramer. You know what? I thought it could work. I thought it was a great idea. I thought I had nothing to lose.”

Donson compared his coaching conundrum to a real life Seinfeld episode. AP

As for his reaction to what had been going on at Long Beach State, David wished them luck the only way Larry David could. 

“Good for him. Where is he, Long Beach State? That’s a college?” he said. “There’s so many. How can there be so many athletes? How can so many people play these games? Look at all these colleges and high schools; they all have teams.

“Let’s go to the colleges, there are really good people playing on these teams. How could there be so many great players?”

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