Nike ripped for ‘woke’ England National Team soccer jersey change: ‘Absolute joke’

Nike is being slammed by British politicians for being “woke” for its “playful update” to the St. George’s Cross on England’s new 2024 National Team kits.

There is particular umbrage with the cross, which is traditionally red with a white background, now featuring four colors, including red, black, purple/pink and blue.

“A playful update to the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 of St. George appears on the collar to unite and inspire,” Nike tweeted March 18.

The altered St. George’s cross on the English jersey has caused controversy. Nike Football/X

The English soccer jerseys. Nike Football/X

Several British politicians blasted the new look, according to the Daily Express.

Reform UK MP Lee Anderson told the outlet: “The left have a nerve to ask me why I want my country back.

“This virtue signaling (sic), namby-pamby, pearl-clutching woke nonsense must stop. Any more of this and I’ll be on the first flight to Rwanda.”

Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith joined in on the bashing, telling the Daily Express it “looks nothing like our flag.”

“Maybe somebody in the design department misheard Three Lions and instead went for three lines on a shirt,” Clarke-Smith said.

“I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but it certainly looks nothing like our flag and I’m not sure it needs an ‘update’ either. That said, I doubt they’ll shift many at those sort of prices.”

Former British politician turned broadcaster Nigel Farage also had nothing kind to say, calling the new look an “absolute joke,” on his GB News show.

Another view of one of England’s new Nike uniforms. Nike Football/X

Marcus Rashford showing off the new look. Nike Football/X

“That looks OK,” Farage said of the jersey, “until we go and have a look at the St George’s Cross — or at least their interpretation. And that’s it, it’s a multi-colored cross, it bears no relationship to the Cross of Saint George whatsoever.

“If the England football team think that’s acceptable, well why on earth, why on earth, would you be apologetic about Englishness if you’re going to play for England in the European football finals. I think it’s an absolute joke.”

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