The method behind Trent Grisham’s curious batting practice approach

TAMPA — Trent Grisham is a few months into his third organization, so by now he knows the reactions that are coming whenever anybody sees him take batting practice for the first time.

To the unfamiliar eye, Grisham’s BP sessions look unorthodox for their pedestrian nature. The left-handed hitter, without batting gloves or a hat or helmet, steps into the box standing straight up and casually gets off his swings without breaking much of a sweat.

Hitters work on different things during batting practice, but almost none of them look quite as nonchalant as Grisham.

“Everybody’s always surprised,” the center fielder said this week at Steinbrenner Field. “Their first instinct is that I don’t care about BP. It’s not that — I care about it very much. It’s just, that’s what I have to do to get the best out of myself.”

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