Eating these sweet treats before bed can help you sleep better, experts say

Sweet dreams — sweet enough to eat.

Eating dark chocolate an hour before bed can help you sleep better, according to experts at Bed Kingdom.

“Eating dark chocolate in moderation at least an hour before bed can result in a more productive night’s sleep,” the experts told The Express.

Eating dark chocolate before bed may help you sleep better. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Looking for to have sweet dreams? This “sweet” could help with that. Getty Images

Not only is dark chocolate packed with “the perfect nutrients,” but it promotes the production of serotonin, the happy hormone that can also make people feel more relaxed.

Experts also said that eating bananas, almonds or nuts like walnuts and or peanut butter before bed can also make it easier to sleep. 

“Consuming peanut butter as part of a late night, healthy snack can enhance your sleep quality, as well as stabilize your blood sugar levels and support muscle growth,” Bed Kingdom experts explained. 

Experts also said that eating bananas before bed can help with slumber.  Getty Images/iStockphoto

Peanut butter also has tryptophan, which is an amino acid the body uses to make melatonin — a hormone that tells the body it’s ready for bed — plus serotonin. 

According to Healthline, bananas are helpful for sleep because they have magnesium, which helps balance the body’s internal body clock and increase melatonin production. 

Popcorn also has tryptophan and can make people produce serotonin before bed.

Finally, cheese can help people feel full so they don’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night. 

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