Kate Middleton’s diagnosis comes amid early-onset cancer ‘epidemic’

Kate Middleton revealed Friday that she’s battling cancer that was discovered after recent abdominal surgery — and now, oncologists are sounding the alarm about an uptick in certain cancers among younger adults. “There is an epidemic currently of young people getting cancer (under 50s),” Dr. Shivan Sivakumar, associate professor in oncology at the University of Birmingham … Read more

Palm Beach’s latest and greatest golf club will set you back $500K

It’s ball or nothing at Panther National, Palm Beach County’s first new golf and lifestyle community in 20 years. The Florida development is the brainchild of Dominik Senn, a celebrated alpine ski racer from Switzerland. Senn, with developer Centaur Group, set out to create the modern, luxury golf and lifestyle community after he visited a … Read more

Why Gen Z workers are wearing ‘gross’ pajamas to the office in China: report

Every day is Casual Friday among China’s Generation CoZy. That’s right, Chinese Gen Zers are upending traditional office attire standards by increasingly rocking their “gross” pajamas while on the job. “I just want to wear whatever I want,” Cindy Luo, 30, an interior designer in Wuhan, Hubei province told the New York Times while describing … Read more

2 new Lyme disease vaccines could mean end of debilitating illness

The days of Lyme disease may be numbered. With ticks emerging earlier than usual this year, experts are warning of the risk of Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by a bite from an infected black-legged tick. Approximately 476,000 Americans could be diagnosed with Lyme disease this year, according to US health officials. Symptoms can debilitating, … Read more

Meet NYC’s real-life ‘Hitch’: $12K course includes ‘wingman weekends,’ improv class with Tina Fey’s coach

While on the hunt for love in the concrete jungle, wannabe Romeos rarely have the perfect pickup tools in their arsenals.  Sometimes, they just have to improvise.  Even if that means walking up to a complete stranger at a bar and pretending to be a cat.  Barrett (Center) emphasizes the importance of improvisational comedy concepts … Read more

Mysterious giant shoebox appears at the Barclays Center ahead of NCAA games

A mysterious giant shoebox appeared overnight at the Barclays Center – and its contents left onlookers stunned. The digital box was positioned outside of the arena ahead of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament with an unexplained countdown. When the timer reached its conclusion, basketball fans entering the venue were taken aback as the display came … Read more

Louis Vuitton’s ‘Speedy’ is the new A-list It bag: Rihanna, LeBron James

Rev up your wardrobe with the bag everyone’s chasing this season: Louis Vuitton’s iconic Speedy— reimagined in bold hues by Pharrell Williams during his spring 2024 debut as menswear creativedirector for the French label. Louis Vuitton Men’s Speedy P9 Bandoulière, $11,100, similar styles at Louis Vuitton Photo by Jeffrey Westbrook; Prop stylist: Miako Katoh And … Read more

Woman rejects ‘worst name ever’ for her child, pleads with others for a ‘sanity’ check

In a post that’s gone viral — with over 6,300 reactions and nearly 4,000 comments in a matter of hours on Sunday — a woman on Reddit asked other people for their help in solving a personal dilemma. She titled her post, “AITA for rejecting the worst name ever for our offspring?” “So, my husband (38M) and … Read more

Boeing passengers turn to medication, prayer, therapy to deal with fears after litany of flight problems

Some fliers are nervous to travel aboard Boeing aircraft following a stream of flight problems in the last three months say they try to book flights on other planes while others say they’ve turned to prayer or medications to get through their trips. The shift in response toward Boeing took off in January after a … Read more

Bank robber-turned-TikTok star Russell Manser, who used platform to help victims of abuse, is dead: ‘Rest easy my brother’

Former prison inmate Russell Manser who turned his trauma into a chance to help other abuse survivors has died. Manser had served 23 years in prison in Northern Territory, Queensland and NSW for bank robberies before he turned to TikTok to speak about his trauma as a survivor of sexual abuse. Amassing more than 130,000 … Read more