Nearly half of daters reject romantic partners based on their astrological sign: survey

Nearly half of all Australians believe star sign compatibility is important when finding a romantic partner, new research has found.

A Tinder study has revealed a staggering 42 percent of Australians turn to astrology to guide their love lives, while 30 percent of Gen Zs globally admit to checking a date’s star sign before meeting up with them.

Measured by who included their zodiac sign in their online dating profile, the study showed Leos were most likely to flex their star sign, but Virgos, Geminis and Libras were the most likely to gain “likes” online.

A study on Tinder showed that nearly half of Australians check their star chart before swiping right. Getty Images

Despite astrology and star signs often being thought of as a female pursuit, a large proportion of males were also found to be proudly displaying their zodiac signs online.

For male users of Tinder, the most advertised zodiacs were Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus and Libra, while for female users it was Leo, Libra, Gemini, Virgo and Taurus.

Astrologer and author Matt Galea said knowing “even a little bit” about astrology could make a big difference in a dating setting.

Leo proved to be the most advertised sign among both men and women. Getty Images

“It’s not just what’s going on cosmically, it’s about understanding what people of different signs tend to want, how to respond to that and being able to forge more meaningful connections with your date, whatever their sign is,” he said.

To bridge the gap of understanding for those who are not astrologically inclined, Tinder has released the Bloke’s Guide to Astrology and Dating.

The guide is designed to serve as a one-stop shop for men unsure how to navigate the world of astrology, especially given such a vast proportion of Australians consider it so important.

Tinder Australia’s Kirsty Dunn said talking astrology on a date had the potential to be “the perfect conversation starter.”

“We know how important good profiles are, and adding interests and lifestyle choices are key,” she said.

“Zodiac is already a top-five interest amongst both Aussie women and men, so using the stars could be the perfect conversation starter and a definite profile enhancer.”

The guide includes a sign-by-sign directive, suggested first dates and conversation starters as well as a rundown of crystals and more.

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