Novak Djokovic ripped for ‘disgraceful’ act after meltdown during shocking loss to world No. 123

Novak Djokovic just couldn’t keep his emotions in check after suffering a complete meltdown during his round of 32 loss to Luca Nardi at Indian Wells.

The world number one was knocked out of the event, dubbed tennis’ fifth major, by the world No. 123 in scenes that stunned fans.

The 36-year-old however stole the limelight away from the outcome when he lost his mind in the second set.

His ugly blowup over the loss of a point and service game sent the tennis world into a spin with many calling the Serbian out.

Novak Djokovic (r.) talks with Luca Nardi (l.) after Nardi’s win over Djokovic at Indian Wells on March 11, 2024. AP

Novak Djokovic (r.) wasn’t happy after his loss to Luca Nardi (l.) Getty Images

But now it’s an act he delivered shortly after the historic loss that’s painted the 24-time grand slam winner in an even uglier light.

As Djokovic approached the net to shake hands with his Italian opponent, he berated him over what he deemed to be a contentious point.

“It’s not right but bravo. It’s not right but bravo. It’s not right but bravo. No no no no. Bravo,” Djokovic is alleged to have said to his rival at the net.

The incident didn’t sit well with tennis fans as many were quick to condemn Djokovic over the ugly act.

Novak Djokovic (r.) talks with Luca Nardi (l.) after their match. Tennis Channel

Tennis journalist Ricky Dimon wrote: “Appalling that Djokovic brought up the stopping play incident when he shook Nardi’s hand at the net 1) that point had nothing to do with the outcome of the match, 2) it’s not Nardi’s call to make, 3) umpire made the right call. “Stopping” happens all the time and never called.”

Another user wrote: “I really thought he apologized at the net but I was wrong, He actually said ‘non era giusto, però bravo” which means “(what you did) was wrong, but you did well’ Absolutely disgraceful, Novak! He did nothing wrong ffs, you are just being a sore loser!”

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Fans sprung into action following the midgame incident and quickly highlighted Djokovic using the exact same tactic during the 2016 US Open Final against Stan Wawrinka.

Novak Djokovic (l.) argues with the umpire (r.) Tennis Channel

Novak Djokovic reacts during his loss to Luca Nardi. AP

Djokovic has now lost his only two tournaments in 2024 to Italian opponents following his loss to eventual champion Jannik Sinner in the Australian Open semifinals.

“Congrats to him for particularly in the third set playing some great, great tennis,” Djokovic said after the match.

“He got in as a lucky loser to the main draw, so he really didn’t have anything to lose, he played great and deserved to win.

“I was more surprised with my level. My level was really, really bad. That’s it, you know – these two things come together. He’s having a great day; I’m having a really bad day. Results as a negative outcome for me.”

While Djokovic returns home, Nardi will take on American Tommy Paul in the round of 16 on Thursday.

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