Parents of ‘well-behaved kids’ rewarded with restaurant discount: ‘Ridiculous’

It pays to be a good parent at this restaurant.

An unnamed eatery is awarding parents who know how to keep butts in seats, according to a viral post on Reddit.

A restaurant revealed a discount to parents who have well behaved children while dining. Reddit

The threat, published in the sub-Reddit group r/mildlyinteresting, showed the cropped image of an ostensible restaurant receipt with an itemized discount line that reads “Well Behaved Kids.” In this case, the total savings for the unenumerated order came out to $6.72.

Reddit readers questioned what deems a child as well-behaved. Shutterstock

Parents and sympathizers on the social media forum found the promotion insulting and unfair.

“As someone who has what people continue to refer to as a ‘well-behaved’ baby, I think this is really stupid. Kids are people; they’re human beings, and not all of them are going to be ‘well-behaved’ all the time. That’s life,” wrote a disgruntled parent.

“This is insane and dumb for a restaurant. Having someone make a judgment call on every single table with kids (unless it’s a literal guarantee to make them come back) is ridiculous,” blasted another parent. 

“We have a 3-year and a 5-month-old. I avoid restaurants at all costs. There is no pleasure there for us,” confessed a Redditor.

The restaurant awarded parents a $6.72 discount on their bill. Shutterstock

Meanwhile, some people agree with the restaurant discount and wouldn’t mind applying it to their workplace.

“I would absolutely 100% give a massive discount to well-behaved children at my job … I cut hair,” added another.

“I wonder how they grade!” questioned one person.

“There needs to be a discount for well-behaved adults, too,” commented a jokester.

Although the post didn’t reveal the diner’s name, a few restaurants in the Tri-state area probably wouldn’t mind applying this discount to their menu if it meant fewer unruly children.

As previously reported by The Post, Nettie’s House of Spaghetti in Tinton Falls, NJ, announced that it is no longer serving children under 10. 

The news divided parents and their childless peers. “Many New York City restaurantgoers couldn’t help but cheer. Dining in the Big Apple is an adult experience, they say; if they wanted to eat meatballs and hot dogs surrounded by screaming rugrats, they’d be living in the suburbs,” the report read.

“When I go out to eat, especially at a nicer restaurant, I’m hoping for an elevated, sophisticated experience,” Julia Foster told The Post in 2023. “When kids are there, that kind of takes away from it. Having the no-kids policy would probably pull me toward a restaurant.”

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