Roger Federer ‘really relieved’ to have retired from tennis after prolific career

Roger Federer doesn’t have the “itch” that afflicts many retired star athletes.

In an interview with GQ, the 20-time major champion said he is actually “relieved” to be done with his tennis career and has no urge to go back to playing competitively following his retirement in 2022.

“I’m really relieved, if that makes any sense,” the 42-year-old Federer said.

Roger Federer at Wimbledon in July 2018. Getty Images

He explained that he saw the light at the end of the tunnel for years as his knee was deteriorating.

“I mean, the last few years have been tough with my knee,” Federer said.

“You could feel the end coming closer. So when it’s all said and done and you’re over the line and you’re retired officially, you take a deep breath and you’re like, ‘Wow, okay, that was good.’

Asked if he missed tennis, Federer gave a surprising answer.

“Not really, actually,” he replied.

Roger Federer in action at Indian Wells in March 2019. Getty Images

Federer, who said he gets that question “a lot,” feels “really at peace.”

“I think it’s also because I know that my knee and my body and my mind don’t allow me to be out there. Do I feel like, ‘Oh, I could hit that shot’? Yeah, okay: Maybe I could right now. But I feel like I squeezed the lemon out. I tried everything I had. And I’m so at peace.”

Federer said he has taken up playing with his family.

Mirka Federer and Roger Federer at the Academy Awards on March 10, 2024. WireImage

“I love to go to play tennis when I play with my children. I just booked a court with my wife for the first time in my life,” he shared.

“We asked, ‘Is a court available on Tuesday from three to four maybe? Because I think it’d be maybe fun to go play.’ This was like a month ago, or two months ago, and we went to play next to my kids, who were having a lesson, and it was just so much fun.

“I love playing tennis and I always thought, How is that moment going to be when I retire and I go back on a tennis court and actually don’t have to improve? Who cares if I miss a forehand? Who cares if it’s getting better or not?”

Federer has been married to wife Mirka, a Swiss former tennis player, since 2009. They have four children.

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