This is the strange fruit that can be your weight loss gamechanger

It’s berry good news for nutrition.

An obscure berry that’s native to Canada, northern Europe and Asia is the “superfood” that can revolutionize your diet, new research shows.

Sea buckthorn, rich in vitamins along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, can make a huge splash in the North American market as a widely available healthy and weight loss option, researchers at the Memorial University of Newfoundland said.

Research promotes sea buckthorn as a great weight loss food. dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

“Sea buckthorn is a unique crop with vast potential for utilization,” said study author Renan Danielski.

“Popular in Asia and North-Western Europe, there is an opportunity to replicate this success in North America by leveraging the unique qualities of locally grown varieties.”

It was initially introduced to Canada in the early 2000s after government officials discovered it had the potential to be widely sold. The new research has connected even more health benefits to sea buckthorn.

Researcher Renan Danielski found many health benefits from eating sea buckthorn. Renan Danielski, Memorial University of Newfoundland

It is rich in micronutrients called polyphenols that have major benefits for cardiovascular health and also anti-inflammatory properties.

The team also found sea buckthorn extracts have “promising” potential as anti-obesity and antidiabetic applications.

“This is a first step in understanding how sea buckthorn polyphenols can modulate our physiology in a beneficial manner,” Danielski added.

“We can envision the use of sea buckthorn polyphenols for therapeutic and pharmacological purposes.”

Sea buckthorn is a superfood that can be a dietary game changer, says a new study. dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

Now, it’s just a matter of getting the word out.

The study authors, who noted popularity overseas, are optimistic that a locally-sparked interest in “nutraceuticals” — the nickname given for foods with medicinal benefits — means that sea buckthorn can seize the day in North America.

“Understanding how our cultivar compares globally can help communicate the benefits to consumers and establish a market presence,” added author Fereidoon Shahidi.

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